ckipnlp.driver.coref module

This module provides built-in coreference resolution driver.

class ckipnlp.driver.coref.CkipCorefChunker(*, lazy=False)[source]

Bases: ckipnlp.driver.base.BaseDriver

The CKIP coreference resolution driver.


lazy (bool) – Lazy initialize the driver.

__call__(*, conparse)

Apply coreference delectation.


conparse (ParseParagraph) — The constituency-parsing sentences.


coref (CorefParagraph) — The coreference results.

static transform_ws(*, text, ws, ner)[source]

Transform word-segmented sentence lists (create a new instance).

static transform_pos(*, ws, pos, ner)[source]

Transform pos-tag sentence lists (modify in-place).